Suspended in Animation is an upcoming digital art series that pays tribute to the profound influence that video games have had on my work and the digital art genre as a whole. As part of the first generation to be exposed to video games at a young age, I believe we were subconsciously influenced by digital media.

Beyond its influence on myself, it's clear that video games have had a profound influence on a whole generation of digital artists, paving the way for them to embrace the digital medium and explore its vast creative possibilities. Its influence can be seen in the work of many digital artists today, through the subject matters that they explore, right through to their workflows.

In Suspended in Animation, I explore the themes of nostalgia, immersion and escapism. I hope viewers will gain a greater understanding of the relationship between video games and digital art, and the ways in which these two creative fields have been inextricably linked for decades.

Suspended in animation teaser trailer

Artist Note:

This year, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to explore the origins of my digital art. Through this exploration, I discovered that video games played a significant role in shaping my artistic vision and was the catalyst that pushed me to stop creating art traditionally and to go full digital.

Before I was even conscious of it, the way was being paved. It all began at the age of 13. I began playing Command & Conquer, a real-time war strategy game on the Nintendo 64, which inspired me to draw abstract strategic graphic scenarios on paper.  Games like Lylat Wars and Halo: CE which have a distinct art direction, influenced my art style, helping it take a new direction. I put down the paint brush, bought a Wacom tablet and the rest is history.

To pay homage to my entry into digital art, I created a series of abstract and minimal installations. Each installation showcases an iconic and recognisable machine from a video game that played an influential role in my upbringing as an artist. These machines have been meticulously modelled, deconstructed, and suspended in a minimalist studio space, evoking a sense of a forgotten exhibit on display in a museum. Further more, I fully immersed myself in the experience,  dedicating over 40 hours this year to playing the games that left a lasting impression on me. I did this because I wanted to remember what it was like playing these games for the first time, to relieve nostalgic moments and to allow those feelings to influence the artwork.

Through the process of deconstructing and disassembling, each machine's original purpose is laid bare, providing viewers with the opportunity to see them more than they usually are. These transformed machines are now works of art, open to various interpretations.

In each artwork, I modelled and composited each gaming setup from my childhood - whether it was my parent's PC or the latest console of the time. The setup plays a current-day screen recording of me playing the game that the object is derived from, adding to the metaphorical power and life of the installation.  The installations serve as a monument to the power of inspiration and the evolution of artistic expression.

Through this series, I invite viewers to contemplate the influence that video games have on art and culture. 

Behind the scenes photos taken on Leica M10 + Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH + TTArtisan 11mm f/2.8 M