Sisyphus is a record born out of a need for change.
After years of touring the same music I’d found myself in a place where I was jaded and had lost the excitement that propelled me
into creating music in the first place. I think this is natural when you exist in a space for any extended period of time.

I made the decision to get back to what got me into electronic music in the first place. I flew to Berlin and was raving 4 nights a week, only stopping once Covid hit and we had to fly home. Those nights out were pure euphoria. Lining up for hours at clubs I
didn’t know if I’d be let in, to see Dj’s I didn’t know, playing music I’d never heard. Dancing with strangers we met in the club.

No phones, no photos. 5am sessions back at the apartment trying to find the music the DJ had played. I was a fan again and came home with broader horizons, completely re-energised.

- Tom AKA Golden Features

Golden Features and his team approached me last year wanting to conceptualise a new art direction for their latest album. The artist was exploring a new style of music and internal change and the album and art direction was to reflect that. We emerged with art direction that resonated with the artist and the story they are trying to tell.

The album is about a journey, both personal and physical, so we used a lot of symbolism and metaphor in the art direction. For example, the album cover features a beetle pushing a ball uphill inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus. 

We wanted to create an album cover that would be eye-catching and unique, while also representing the album’s themes of repetition and nights out. 

The motion of the beetle represents the challenge of the journey. The colours and textures in the artwork give the feeling of movement and energy, which reflects the artist’s exploration of new sounds and a new creative direction.

Single Artworks

The single artwork is a series of close up portraits, each depicting a different angle of the beetle from the album cover.