#$MEME Cars is an ensemble of digital works that celebrate my coming into the NFT space. The works are a series of animations that present custom designed vehicles from several eras mixed in with $MEME lore in a variety of spaces.

Having just spent the previous year working on digital car-related art, I wanted the series to pay homage to that and so I set out to create a series of 4 works that would explore certain aspects from my history of digital art as well as pushing myself to learn new techniques outside my comfort zone.

Each work details a 3D modelled car, with custom designed trimmings and features that relate to the history of Don't Buy Meme. Furthermore the cars would reflect the quantity of the NFT, the 1/1 auction piece would be the most expensive car in real life.

The drop sold out in less than 1 week from launch (Jan 19, 2021) and was considered to be one of the most successful drops on the platform to date.

My experience developing the Art x Cars series gave me confidence on how to approach creating works for the NFT world. I knew the processes, I knew what I ideas I liked, but I ultimately wanted to begin with a series that paid homage to my recent year working in digital art, so I decided to begin with a theme relating to custom designed cars. 

The 1/1 auction piece detailed a custom designed 1985 MEMEborghini Countach. I decided to go with a lamborhini as the phrase 'when lambo' is synonymous with the crypto space. 
With custom designed $MEME branding and paint job, I placed the vehicle inside a desolate sci-fi environment reminscent of the Halo series. I chose this for numerous reasons but one of the main being the video game Halo is what inspired me to begin studying digital art and 3D animation. The vehicle is emerging from cryo-sleep - an analogy for my NFT journey as it has only just begun.