Give Me Space - Motez ft. The Kite String Tangle

Directed by Aymeric DeMeautis

'Give Me Space' follows the journey of a vintage toy astronaut, affectionately known as 'The Dreamer,' as he seeks to escape his confines and embrace the boundless potential of his imagination. Against the backdrop of a dimly lit and run-down office, the film is adorned with a myriad of nostalgic easter eggs and pop-culture references to science fiction, imbuing the scene with a sense of sentimental charm.

Despite the gritty and desolate surroundings, the Dreamer expresses a hopeful sentiment, discovering solace and inspiration amidst the simplicity of his surroundings. As he delves deeper into his imagination, the world around him comes to life, gradually illuminating the scene with light that creates a dreamlike atmosphere.

 The end result is a touching and optimistic story, one that serves as a beacon of hope in the wake of a global pandemic, and a symbol of a brighter tomorrow yet to come.

WINNER - Best Music Video - Paris Play Festival
WINNER - Best Animation Video - LA Music Video Awards
ANIMATION RUNNER UP - Best Animation Music Video - CLIPPED Music Video Festival Sydney
FINALIST - Best Music Video - London Film & Television Festival 
FINALIST - Best Music Video - Rome Music Video Awards
SEMI-FINALIST - Best Music Video - Sunday Shorts Film Festival London
HONORABLE MENTION - Best Music Video - International Music Video Awards Budapest
HONORABLE MENTION - Best Animation Music Video - London City Film Awards 
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Best Music Video - Berlin International Art Film Festival 

The Give Me Space music video.
Director & Animator Aymeric DeMeautis

'The Dreamer', the protagonist of the music video, is one of five collectibles available in an exclusive NFT drop which was hosted on DONTBUYMEME, the first decentralised protocol for farming NFTs. With a film clip that is oozing with nostalgia, Motez and The Kite String Tangle looked to Aymeric to orchestrate the release, allowing fans to own a series of digital collectibles featured in the ‘Give Me Space’ video that serve as an extension of the story and lore. 

As an added bonus, Aymeric carefully hid 10 $MEME-lore easter eggs throughout the music video where the first 10 people to spot them and send in their findings were awarded with a special limited edition bonus NFT "The Seeker" modelled after Motez's real life appearance . Each NFT included unique musical variations of Give Me Space composed by Motez himself.

10% of all proceeds from the NFT release were donated to Cool Earth, a charity that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.

The Give Me Space NFT Collection

The Give Me Space NFT Commercial