In turning energy into inspiration, Aymeric DeMeautis presents three infinitely looping digital artworks. As in a play divided into three acts, these seductive objects introduce a metaphysical journey in the field of creative energy and inspiration. The series questions the time-consuming and generative effort underlying the artist's creative work, using dynamic and hybrid machines as metaphors.

Inspired by Brembo's corporate vision -Turning energy into inspiration, Aymeric splits up the three components of the sentence, as if it was a physics formula. Each of the artworks of the series reimagines the three elements of the motto: energy, transformation, and inspiration. The abstract concepts are embodied in Life of Zed, The Conversion of X, Y, and Z, and The Birth of III, ever-evolving tech objects in which organic and inorganic forms coexist.

Turning energy into inspiration teaser video

"The series is inspired by the birth of an idea from nothingness. Aymeric interpreted Brembo's corporate vision 'Turning energy into inspiration' as a metaphysical journey, explored amongst three infinitely looping artworks. Each of the three artworks reimagine the three components of the slogan - energy, transformation and inspiration. 

They depict intricately detailed digital sculptures consisting of a chaotic arrangement of components from automobiles, computer hardware and natural elements - embodying themes of harmony, stability and balance. Aymeric draws on influences from sculptural works in contemporary art, digital art and artificial intelligence. The works progressively morph into a machine of dynamism, eventually resulting in the creation of his vision of inspiration – an ever evolving abstract concept that can bloom from any environment. 

Situated within brutalist museum environments inspired by real life spaces created by Tadao Ando, the environments provide a minimalist complimentary backdrop that explore the concepts of form and light."

The making of video

A short film detailing the creation process behind the artworks created for the 'Turning Energy into Inspiration' digital art exhibition hosted by Brembo S.p.A. in Tokyo on the 21st of October 2022.

This video was shown to attendees at both the launch event at the Italian Embassy as well as the Brembo HQ in Minato City, Tokyo.

Filmed by Gabriel Mokayed

The exhibition

On the 21st of October 2022, Brembo hosted an exhibition that explored their vision: “Turning Energy into Inspiration” with a digital art journey: a contamination of art, technology and design which aimed​ to give visitors a special experience inspired by movement and the transformation of energy. 

Residing at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, at this special event guests experienced first-hand a new artistic program comprising three digital works made specifically for Brembo by French Australian artist Aymeric DeMeautis and also had the unique opportunity of receiving an NFT based on one of the three works. 

The event attracted a full house of hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds and industries. It was an unmissable look at the future of mobility and digital art for anyone who shares Brembo’s passion for beauty, innovation and wants to be inspired.

A second edit of the after movie from the exhibition night

The event was a great success with over 120 people in attendance. The space was packed with architects, marketing executives to museum curators who were all eager to learn about NFTs and digital art. The team at Strata Gallery did an amazing job of curating the event and creating a welcoming environment.

Turning Energy into Inspiration - short film. 

Directed by Aaron Yamashita 

Artist note

I wanted to create a series of digital sculptures that not only explored Brembo's vision,  but would educate people about digital art & the challenges that digital artists face in a world dominated by traditional practices. I hope to shed light on the powerful role that digital art can play in contemporary culture. 

I decided that each work in the series would feature a static camera. By using a dynamically moving camera, you can inadvertently dictate where the audience should look. When the camera position is locked, it allows viewers to take their time to absorb the artwork. This approach allows people to engage with the work on their own terms, without feeling rushed or pressured, and to uncover the subtleties and complexities of the sculptures that might otherwise be missed. It also encourages viewers to be curious and attentive.

Each artwork features numerous easter eggs and references that relate to my previous works, and viewers who pay close attention will be rewarded with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the series as a whole. 

The artworks

Life of Zed

Life of Zed focuses on the theme of energy. It depicts a chaotic but programmed structure in which automotive components, computer hardware, and natural elements coexist. On the surface, a featureless dynamic digital object, Life of Zed is an abstract time paradox. 

Energy is interpreted as a mechanical construct of time, specifically the time the artist spent realising this particular artwork. By placing a screen at the foot of the object recording the time employed in the creation of the artwork, Aymeric DeMeautis realised a metaphysical commentary on his work as a digital artist. 3D artists are slaves to the clock; they put countless hours into their workload. Their time and effort are depicted as the electrical components that power the structure itself: an endless source of energy coming from nowhere.

Set in an underground space devoid of natural light as a dark studio, Life of Zed is a metaphor for the everyday life and creative process of digital artists. The work also features influences by the Dall-E artificial intelligence program, showcasing the program on the laptop screen. This choice, which affected the aesthetic design of the entire series, emphasizes the relevancy of AI in contemporary arts. It investigates the synergy between artificial and human intelligence.

Technical aspects:

Resolution: 4K 3840 x 2160

Duration: 40 seconds

Rendered on OTOY RNDR

Programs used: Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Octane Render, Cycles Render X-Particles, Trapcode Particular + Form.

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The Conversion of X, Y, and Z

The process of transformation is embodied in The Conversion of X, Y, and Z - a steam-punk and mechanical digital sculpture. It is inspired by the process of metamorphosis, where a caterpillar enters its cocoon and transforms into a butterfly.

The work is a physical embodiment of the creative process. The turbines and gears are like the artist's mind, constantly spinning and creating new ideas. The energy particles represent the inspiration that the artist seeks. In this work, the metamorphosis is happening: the natural element shave been replaced by mechanical parts and the static natural sculpture is progressively morphing into a machine of dynamism. 

In the second act of his series, Aymeric proves to be attentive to every minute component of his artifacts. Each piece of the transforming object becomes a precise metaphor for a phase of the digital creation: the energy chamber converts the particles into more power, as a mechanical allegory of computers that render artwork in real life. The presence of dynamic beams of light penetrating the space and a static one in the background is another commentary about time: when the artist is deeply focused on his creative work, time can stand still but move simultaneously fast. 

Also, the sudden stop, initiated by the brake disc component that shakes the core without breaking it, is a powerful metaphor: computers can crash and hinder the artist's faculty to create for awhile, but they never irreversibly stop the process of creativity. Artists can restart from where they left off, transforming from that exact instant of interruption.

Technical aspects:

Resolution: 4K 3840 x 2160

Duration: 40 seconds

Rendered on OTOY RNDR

Programs used: Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Octane Render, Cycles Render X-Particles, Trapcode Particular + Form.

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The Birth of III

The final form of evolution takes the shape of a mechanical blossoming flower. The third and final piece of the series is the most poetic and evocative. It embodies the moment of inspiration, the unexpected fulfilment, which is unfolded in a naturally shaped object that recalls birth and generativity. It absorbs energy, light, and living force.

The structure of Birth of III is more elegant and formally simple than its predecessors. This progressive simplification represents a creative process that necessarily proceeds through trial and error. Viewers tend to see the final result of the artwork, the flower that grows after the 3D modelling, animating, and compositing are completed. But Aymeric DeMeautis aims to show the underlying workflow that generates art. He displays the shattered pieces of mirrors that catch glimpses of angles that could not be seen by the audience, making visible the invisible.

The Birth of III aims to question the ideational process in artmaking. What an artist creates is the result of blossoming inspiration but also of drawing inspiration from the work of others and inspiring them in return. At the base of the sculpture, like an Easter egg, scrolls the transcript of a conversation about inspiration the artist had with artificial intelligence. Asking questions about how an idea is born & what is the best approach to finding it.

Technical aspects:

Resolution: 4K 3840 x 2160

Duration: 40 seconds

Rendered on OTOY RNDR

Programs used: Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Octane Render, Cycles Render X-Particles, Trapcode Particular + Form.

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Edition NFTs

The Editions offer an intimate and exclusive insight into the minute details of each of the three main sculptures. Focusing on extreme to mid close ups, each edition is unique in character and composition, highlighting different aspects of each work and showcasing them in a unique perspective. 

Visitors to the exhibition in Tokyo were gifted with one of these special edition NFT's.


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